David Paul Ohmer: Cincinnati - Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum "Autumn Rest"
Gene Ellison: Ready for Hween 2020
Gene Ellison: Over The Rooftop
Madonovan: Late-October Moments
Madonovan: Late-October Moments
David G. Hoffman: 027805a- Colors Run In Aman Park
Keith Michael NYC (8 Million+ Views): Boston Sojourn: Day Two #33
JayEssEmm: JMC_5709jackosnowonedge1jsm
Cybershiner: This is a rework of an old panoramic series that I shot two years ago in Cobleskill N.Y. The rework was the use of the new Adobe Sky Change Tool
chuck.hunnicutt: Canyon Autumn
peterspoor: Klein maar fijn Testelt 27/010/2020.
Simon W. Photography: Glow of Autumn. Oct 2020
Simon W. Photography: Circulating Colours. Oct 2020
jimbo522012: Pot of Gold
scottwin01: Birch Leaf on a Thread
Antony Ward: Strensall Common
larrycloss: DSC_7329_s
Simon W. Photography: Continue To Dream. Oct 2020
Simon W. Photography: Every Moment Is A Fresh Beginning. Oct 2020
H.A. Spicer: Sun Beam
Mike G junior: Autumn ...
H.A. Spicer: Gorge 2
jimbo522012: Autumn in Kildrummy Bends
Simon Caunt: Fungi Foraging Friday
mariegonsior: Je suis pas sure mais ça doit être des champignons.
mariegonsior: Lac de Retournemer dans les Vosges
mariegonsior: Delicate mushrooms
glenn turner: Yet small, but with big ambitions