Mr ff1d1l: Filligree
nelhiebelv: Ha, Ha! Who's going to touch this first?
soniaadammurray - On & Off: Fenced in on the Waterway IMG_4388-2
Tracey Rennie: Old voices call me
Pixel Packing Mama ~ 33 Million Views ♥: Fenced Row of School Buses in Night Rain, All Facing Reflection of Light
Oh Kaye, too: The deck at my new digs
harry de haan, the cameraman: Fence ---- DSC_4624_edited
flindersan: Alpaca fence and shadow
lightimpact images: Watkins Lake
garshna: Comb Ridge Estate
karma (Karen): Park School pond
Poupetta: Sometimes, it's a dog life
kinaaction: red and green
Little_lurcher: Bluebell woods
jHc__johart: Twisted
Harry2010: "Guerilla Art" Fence Friday
arbyreed: Dry
jillyspoon: Sun Fence Friday
Melinda Young Stuart: Sweet Fence
mexou: Toady was a great day
*Millie* ~On and Off~: Wood fence (HFF)
GarSham: English Field
suzanne~: HFF!
leo.roos: Chestnut fencing roll
Toats Master: Fence Friday
The lens profile: Fence Bokeh
my.tx.views: When you got a feeling someone is watching you
alex987854: Best Before