Hugo Karpinski: 2003629
Unique Earth: Inside_The_Wave
ossington: Fall fire
Zach457: Miss the amazing views in Ireland.
JudiKenny: Some people get close to the action
JudiKenny: Big waves Newcastle
JudiKenny: Big sea big waves off Newcastle Jetty
JudiKenny: Should I go back I think so Newcastle
Hugo Karpinski: IMG_2672
thomasgorman1: Eye of the wave
Hugo Karpinski: IMG_2421
Hugo Karpinski: IMG_2459
Hugo Karpinski: IMG_2470
Den Rob: KareKare Beach ...
O.Sjomann: Ups and downs today
O.Sjomann: Sea and sand
O.Sjomann: Rain appears soon
Den Rob: Three Walkers, at the foot of the Lion
Den Rob: Cloudscape over city and harbour, late dusk
Den Rob: Brighton Sea Baths A - Iceberger
Den Rob: Day after the storm: sand pool filling at high tide, Piha
Den Rob: Cliffs and Headlands, West Coast, Waitakere Ranges
Den Rob: Wind, surf, cloud, mist, rain, sun breaking through – Piha Beach view
Den Rob: Wind, surf, cloud, mist, rain, sun starting to break through – Piha Beach view