Frank.Farrell39: 2nd Severn Crossing
Frank.Farrell39: Liquid Gold on the Sand
Frank.Farrell39: Wild Porthcawl
Frank.Farrell39: Comeston Lakes Dragonfly
Frank.Farrell39: Pontsticill Reservoir
Frank.Farrell39: Pontsticill Reservoir
Frank.Farrell39: Porthcawl Sea
Frank.Farrell39: Porthcawl, South Wales
Frank.Farrell39: Clevedon Pier
Frank.Farrell39: Clevedon Pier
Frank.Farrell39: Wetlands resident ....
Frank.Farrell39: Down by the lake ....
Frank.Farrell39: A flower from Cornwalls Eden Project
Frank.Farrell39: Collecting dinner
Frank.Farrell39: Insect lust
Frank.Farrell39: Common Blue Damselfly
Frank.Farrell39: Mating Skippers
Frank.Farrell39: Small Skipper
Frank.Farrell39: North Cornwall
Frank.Farrell39: Cornwalls Poppy fields ....
Frank.Farrell39: Watchet pier
Frank.Farrell39: Leaving the castle
Frank.Farrell39: Godrevy, Cornwall
Frank.Farrell39: Easter Sunset
Frank.Farrell39: North Cornish sunset
Frank.Farrell39: Down to the rocks ...
Frank.Farrell39: Canon by Nikon .....
Frank.Farrell39: Before the rain/hail/snow & thunder
Frank.Farrell39: Bristol Channel before the storm ...