isa-photographe: canard colvert 24 03 2018 (1)
hfngo99: Hummingbird
hfngo99: Anna's Hummingbird Ready For Take-off
Bryan J. Smith: Leucospermum conocarpodendro 0016
vintagelensAestheticism: original color from vintage lens without retouch
hoanglongphoto: _29A8461-67.0121.Đỉnh Gió.Tà Xùa.Bắc Yên.Sơn La
Paul McGoveran: Northern Shoveler(F) 5511
20Bunyip10: On Alert.
hex1952: P9302357-4
degan64: Sunflower Field
rvk82: Another moody morning
Colin Pacitti: whimbrel in profile
FelixSS©: QUIET ZONE #13
Miss-Louly: Un cygne... (à voir en grand)
vodophoto's images: White Egret
Phil Marion (199 million views - THANKS): Red dogwoods in full fall regalia - Kew Gardens
billslu: Great Horned Owl in the dusk 3I3866
dewaalnathan: Polish_20220126_231905993
dewaalnathan: Polish_20220126_174245722
Mary Warren 18.0+ Million Views: Lombard, IL, Lilacia Park, Succulent Plants
Mary Warren 18.0+ Million Views: Warrenville, IL, Blackwell Forest Preserve, West Branch of the DuPage River, Reflection
Ian Galt: Male Greater spotted woodpecker
antoniorosa.goulds: Abelharuco - Merops apiaster
antoniorosa.goulds: Abelharuco - Merops apiaster
Jean-François Hic: Chestnut-sided Warbler - Setophaga pensylvanica
spotter698: Red-browed Finch
hmemarques79: 4Z5A7149