ChicagoBob46: The catch
ChicagoBob46: Showing off his catch
ChicagoBob46: Plop, plop, fish, fish {Explored}
ChicagoBob46: Breeding colors
ChicagoBob46: Sticking the landing
ChicagoBob46: Such a turning point
ChicagoBob46: Light footed walkabout
ChicagoBob46: More splash than catch
ChicagoBob46: Long striding
ChicagoBob46: Resting pose
ChicagoBob46: Standing ta…short
ChicagoBob46: Flap drying after a bath
ChicagoBob46: Among the hurricane Ian debris
ChicagoBob46: Splashing it up
ChicagoBob46: Out for a morning stroll
ChicagoBob46: Out of step
ChicagoBob46: The catch
ChicagoBob46: Red tide cleanup crew
ChicagoBob46: Got the strut {Explored}
ChicagoBob46: Morning blush
ChicagoBob46: Nose to the grindstone
ChicagoBob46: Airing out
ChicagoBob46: Just poking around
ChicagoBob46: Big catch
ChicagoBob46: The original slider
ChicagoBob46: Can't catch them all
ChicagoBob46: Shake off
ChicagoBob46: Just departing
ChicagoBob46: Trying to blend in
ChicagoBob46: Slow Dancing