ChicagoBob46: Get the 'H' out of my face
ChicagoBob46: Concentration
ChicagoBob46: Splashy finish
ChicagoBob46: Sprinkle toes
ChicagoBob46: Man on the run
ChicagoBob46: Light landing
ChicagoBob46: Flat line
ChicagoBob46: Soft touch
ChicagoBob46: Things are definitely looking up
ChicagoBob46: Drag step
ChicagoBob46: Catch as can catch
ChicagoBob46: The march is on
ChicagoBob46: Which way did he go
ChicagoBob46: The 'Groucho' look
ChicagoBob46: Scruffy look
ChicagoBob46: Making like an arrow
ChicagoBob46: Mouth watering
ChicagoBob46: The chase is on
ChicagoBob46: Wingspan
ChicagoBob46: Success
ChicagoBob46: Feeling proud
ChicagoBob46: Making a beeline
ChicagoBob46: Takeoff
ChicagoBob46: It's a coverup
ChicagoBob46: Doubling up
ChicagoBob46: Save the last dance for me
ChicagoBob46: Off to the races
ChicagoBob46: It's better to look good
ChicagoBob46: Concentration