ChicagoBob46: Spring feed
ChicagoBob46: Things are looking up
ChicagoBob46: The grass is always greener
ChicagoBob46: Splash down
ChicagoBob46: Children behave
ChicagoBob46: All ears
ChicagoBob46: Looking large
ChicagoBob46: Practice run
ChicagoBob46: Getting the eye
ChicagoBob46: Stand up and be counted
ChicagoBob46: Some kids just won't leave
ChicagoBob46: Just strolling along
ChicagoBob46: Somethings got her attention
ChicagoBob46: Taking the plunge
ChicagoBob46: Big red
ChicagoBob46: Following the leader
ChicagoBob46: Big kids
ChicagoBob46: Stepping by
ChicagoBob46: The object of his affections
ChicagoBob46: The handsome one
ChicagoBob46: Bright eyes
ChicagoBob46: Step by step
ChicagoBob46: The pause that refreshes
ChicagoBob46: New life
ChicagoBob46: Passing glance
ChicagoBob46: The look
ChicagoBob46: Courting grizzlies
ChicagoBob46: Big kids!
ChicagoBob46: Big red
ChicagoBob46: Road guard