hfngo99: A Jackrabbit Start
hfngo99: Dashing Through The Field
hfngo99: So Sleepy!
hfngo99: Heading Your Way
hfngo99: Checking Out Below
hfngo99: Munching on Flower Buds
hfngo99: Peering Up From Its Ornate Tail Feathers
hfngo99: Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls
hfngo99: Yosemite Valley From Tunnel View
hfngo99: Displaying Its Ornate Train of Tail Feathers
hfngo99: Male Does the Flying While the Female Enjoy the Ride
hfngo99: Male Takes Flight With Female In Tow
hfngo99: Moving To a Higher & Safer Spot
hfngo99: Mating Couple
hfngo99: Out in the Open and On Alert
hfngo99: Moving Along
hfngo99: Mating Couple
hfngo99: The Male Found Its Mate
hfngo99: Mating Couple and a Passerby
hfngo99: A Skien of Geese on the Move
hfngo99: Snow Goose and Juvenile Hybrid?
hfngo99: Taking Pause
hfngo99: Foraging on the Forest Floor
hfngo99: There's Plenty of Room To Share
hfngo99: Not a hummingbird!
hfngo99: Performing a Song on Nature's Stage
hfngo99: Cricket For Lunch
hfngo99: Nice Catch
hfngo99: Feeding on Banksia Seed Pods
hfngo99: Meadow View of Bridalveil Falls