rumimume: Hand Crafted Christmas
rumimume: Frosty Leaves
Andreas Komodromos: Fall colors - New York City
CWhatPhotos: Durham City, North East England, UK.
CWhatPhotos: Old pipework.
k3s ( Kris ): ,Australia - Sydney (Capital of New South Wales and one of Australia's largest cities, is best known for its harbourfront Sydney Opera House)
♛Preci Benelli♛: I Call u ♥
Cop Lane: Corkicle Semaphores
Jolivillage: Burano
irio.jyske: Autumn/winter floods
Don Costello: Merry Christmas !
loveofchrist790: Divine Rescuer From Distresses!
** Janets Photos **: Lovely Woodland Walk ..
U. Heinze: Swiss HB-JCT HAJ at Night
U. Heinze: Finnair OH-LZE HAJ at Night
U. Heinze: Pegasus Airlines TC-NBO HAJ at Night
Biatch Fenwitch: Mesmerising...
Mesmerized 2019: Taking Shape
Mesmerized 2019: Her House
Joanot Photography: 469 - La Llotja de la llum de València (estudi) País Valencià ////
showmesavings: Sunset At Creve Coeur Lake, MO
MartinAllison: In the Shade
♕ Ainna ♕: ︱LOTD .682.︱She´s Got Nothing On