Valery Chernodedov: January 2020 in Siberia
leo.roos: Seven sisters
Christine Ingeborg: Nature's Christmas Tree ⭐️
leo.roos: Comb
Guaranteed(79): _DSC7661
Christine Ingeborg: Morning Snow, Path to the Sea
darletts56: Through the frosted glass
darletts56: Snow flakes covered branch
Chris Protopapas: Lexington_78
darletts56: Winter wonderland in the valley
Larry Buechler: Winter Scene on Paper Negative
man_from_siberia: Snowstorm
darletts56: Sunrays through the tree
Valery Chernodedov: Road to winter kingdom
Maenette1: Still more snow! - TMT Menominee Michigan
darletts56: Frosty white tree branches
Guaranteed(79): _DSC7627
darletts56: A frosty morning
Guaranteed(79): _DSC7596
Sebas332: Overkamp park.
leo.roos: With open arms
Not the Fake Nate: One Lane Road
bjorbrei: Winter Mood
Christine Ingeborg: Wee Downy Is Always The First To Arrive!
Christine Ingeborg: Elder Maple Tree