Talfin: Blending
Rossoindia: to rect (deep sea)
jasonol0gy: Goodbye Sochi
\\Gerard Raatgeep//: Work #00114 with 116 lines made with tape on A4 paper
Rg Sanders: Aproximation
pastadimama: No Christmas this year
dannyhennesy: Egyptian Pyramids spreading Psychedelic Aztek Energies (abstract art)
Mark Noack: illusions of order...
pwhellen: Autumn Memories
Emmanuelle Baudry - Em'Art auteure photographe pla: Retour à l'Infini - Back to Infinite
dannyhennesy: Mechanoid Droid-bot with wig swishes through a surreal Pr-Landscape (abstract art)
\\Gerard Raatgeep//: Work #00113 with 6 lines made with paper
Rossoindia: edge (a face a number)
Mark Noack: she cut a hole in the fence and she ran
Talfin: Pandemic
Rg Sanders: Casual Encounter
jasonol0gy: Riverside
dannyhennesy: Drifting and Levitation and gravity Mutual Interaction Between shapes and Abstract Bodies (artwork)
\\Gerard Raatgeep//: Work #00112 - 5674 lines
pastadimama: Life sucks when you have nothing to eat
Mark Noack: core...
pwhellen: Autumn Leaves
Sparkle_Design: Champs de vision 2
dannyhennesy: Psychedelic Surreal Spawn Squirting reproduction Machine makes Hive (abstract art)
veropicture: vlakkenwerk
Mark Noack: you are my sunshine
Pavel M: There are Allways Strings Attached 2, Minden, Ontario, October 2020 MK31354