arthuralex: IMG_1966bw left in the rain to find their own way home
arthuralex: IMG_2003a detail from mural on N. Mississippi Ave, Portland OR
arthuralex: IMG_1989a at that Sunlan Bulb store, on N. Mississippi Ave
arthuralex: IMG_0590a
arthuralex: IMG_0347bw2
arthuralex: IMG_0270a
arthuralex: PB150801bw St Andrew's in NE Portland, OR
arthuralex: PB150855a
arthuralex: PB150915bw3
arthuralex: PA140581a along NE MLKJr Blvd , Portland OR
arthuralex: PA140585bw along NE Alberta St, Portland OR
arthuralex: PB150866a Dia des Los Muertos, at Augustana Lutheran
arthuralex: PB150833a Activist remembered. Along NE Alberta St. , Portland OR
arthuralex: PB150828a murals along NE Alberta, Portland OR
arthuralex: PB150924a autumn red
arthuralex: PB150900bw geothermal's not quite that simple
arthuralex: PB150906a
arthuralex: PB150888a Dia des Los Muertos, Augustana Lutheran, Portland OR
arthuralex: PB150861a southward view on an inner NE street, Portland OR
arthuralex: PB150850bw knot
arthuralex: PB150822a along NE Alberta, Portland OR
arthuralex: PB150811a
arthuralex: PB150797bw St Andrews bell tower on NE Alberta, Portland OR
arthuralex: IMG_1916bw another time machine
arthuralex: IMG_1895a puddle on a corner
arthuralex: IMG_0903b red dahlia
arthuralex: IMG_1127a
arthuralex: IMG_1862b another Portland streetheart
arthuralex: IMG_1860a potential
arthuralex: IMG_1837a Redeemer on NE Rosa Parks Blvd, Portland OR