arthuralex: IMG_4564a Red Shoes on the Columbia
arthuralex: IMG_4502b
arthuralex: IMG_4499a
arthuralex: IMG_4508a
arthuralex: IMG_4375bw
arthuralex: IMG_4515b
arthuralex: IMG_4549b Night @Madison HS, Portland
arthuralex: IMG_4488a Lower Falls Lewis River
arthuralex: IMG_4444a Lower Falls Lewis River
arthuralex: IMG_4480a Lower Falls Lewis River
arthuralex: IMG_4343bw Ben Rice
arthuralex: IMG_4380a
arthuralex: IMG_4378a
arthuralex: IMG_4543a
arthuralex: IMG_4069a from Secret Society's stairway gallery
arthuralex: IMG_4357a
arthuralex: IMG_4238a
arthuralex: IMG_4356b
arthuralex: IMG_4222a peppers
arthuralex: IMG_4210a
arthuralex: IMG_4196a a b
arthuralex: DSC_0056bw Devin Phillips Group @ Cathedral Park Jazz 2019
arthuralex: DSC_0444bw Ms Medler, on tenor
arthuralex: IMG_4180e
arthuralex: IMG_4125a
arthuralex: IMG_4149bw
arthuralex: IMG_3898bw
arthuralex: IMG_3902a
arthuralex: IMG_2366a Waterfront Blues crowd and Hawthorne Bridge 2019
arthuralex: DSC_0087a concert goer Cathedral Park Jazz 2019