Mario Béland: scarabée japonnais, Japanes Beetle
Mario Béland: feuille d'automne, Autumn leaf
RonParsonsflowershots: Dendrobium braianense - Brookside Orchids
RonParsonsflowershots: Masdevallia maculata 'Malli' - John Leathers
Coyoty: Howl
Coyoty: Pyrophobia
Bobbruxelles: Hatiora alba cv. white dreamland
M Coopwood: Fractal262-1SPEBrdr_pe-1
elzbietapacuszka: Nature's creativity...
Martin Bärtges: Sweet Macarons - My entry for Flickr Friday #560 theme "Snack"
Nonsmokinjoe57: Stanhopea embreei
M Coopwood: Phoenix Rising
jimfridley: Fall in the Studio
Bobbruxelles: Campanula vidalii Açores
RonParsonsflowershots: Aganisia cyanea - Brookside Orchids
Karen_Chappell: Glass Tree
RonParsonsflowershots: Cyrtorchis arcuatus - Marni Turkel/Mostly Species Flasks
RonParsonsflowershots: Vamda coerulea - Marni Turkel/Mostly Species Flasks
Fred Roe: Summer beauty
ojbfiddlestyx: Dance Of The Autumn Fairies
Patti Deters: Shrub Rose on Black Square
Nina Maryann: The Epitome of Grace
jimfridley: A Confluence of Colors