Magda Banach: Anemone
alfrd p: ABG_190831_9
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: mexican independence day
Nick Kenrick.: risen from the earth
Nick Kenrick.: "....all things share the same breath....the beast, the tree, the man....the air shares it's spirit with all the life it supports." "Chief Seattle - Dwamish"
itucker, thanks for 5+ million views!: The time to relax is when....
Laurie4593: Lotus
wayne.withers1970: Green Shield Bug
Loraine Blythe: Waratah.
Sam Droege: Melissodes subillatus, u, face, Cleveland, OH_2018-05-16-22.01.19 ZS
Amba-lee: Harvest Moon
Cheryl Dunlop Molin: moon, framed
dominotic: 2019 Sydney: Unicorn Slice
Sam Droege: Nomada vegana, m, face, Barnwell Co., SC_2018-05-16-23.02.57 ZS
muffett68 ☺ heidi ☺: their beloved art teacher encouraged them to use all the crayons when coloring
Johann (Still Me!): Reflection on black
Jackie ...: Does my bud look good in this one too? ...
Guy Fin64: Precious Amazon
Nina_Ali: Tonight’s full moon through my bedroom window!
EFD-fotolab: Star anise reflection. Blue Port 2019, Hamburg