Polylepis: Clam Beach Tarn
Polylepis: Dark Familiar
Polylepis: Pedicularis verticillata
Polylepis: Chaparral Candle
Polylepis: Fall Tails
Polylepis: Reality Check
Polylepis: Antipodean Twilight
Polylepis: Best Recollection
Polylepis: Twilight Convocation
Polylepis: Ecotone
Polylepis: Firmament
Polylepis: Confined
Polylepis: Discontinuity
Polylepis: Rain Tree Cloud Sky Lake
Polylepis: Himalayan Blue Poppy
Polylepis: Rheum nobile
Polylepis: What?
Polylepis: Veronica szechuanica
Polylepis: Pedicularis oederi
Polylepis: Primula zambalensis
Polylepis: Nassauvia lagascae
Polylepis: Pedicularis humilis
Polylepis: Eriophyton wallichii
Polylepis: Endless Moment
Polylepis: Frenching the Reaper
Polylepis: House Arrest
Polylepis: Boundry
Polylepis: Reflected City
Polylepis: And Now
Polylepis: Gaucho