EdBob: Autumn in the Pacific Northwest
Matt Osborne (aka. MrLeica.Com): Rollei Retro 80S Photo
Neil Pulling: Sandy Warren
wfxue: 20211025_F0001: The underside patterns
Lacerta Bilineata: Westliche Smaragdeidechse (Lacerta bilineata) | de.lacerta-bilineata.com
LFDV1960: 2205-Red rose of Pylos
MayorPaprika: End of the Line - Bijou Planks 298/365
Provence Rp: Good night the beach..., Fiumorbo , Corsica.
Rourkeor: Sunshine through the clouds
richwat2011: St Mildred's Churchyard
.Nivek.: 266 113-0 + 530 - railtraxx + arriva - sittard - 251021
rs1979: Sea Cut (132)
Mike 1501: Welsh Pony
DuncaninFife: Crails Lane St Andrews. Watercolour painting by 'TAD'
Ant_H.: Fallow Stag
wanderview: DAMAGE
SWJuk: Z50_9110 - The (former) Alexandra Hotel, Saltburn
@ngèle: Dalhia arc-en-ciel
Crusty Da Klown: Water of gall
silviusdamicus: P1010253
jonnyboi37419: 47854_Dingwall
stavioni: Reading Buses 802
Darrell Godliman: UK - London - Flickr Photowalk - Coal Drops Yard colourful candid_sq_DSC0098
John In Pink: Sizewell
dannyhennesy: But What is it? is it outsider art, a rosetta stone, is it Translated foreign signs, is it a lunatic scribble, is it perhaps a message in Code, Don´t Ask me, I am just the creator! (Texted artwork by Danny Hennesy 2021 kunst Mushroombrain 21)
avery1321: His colorful outfit attracted my eye.
** Janets Photos **: Liquorice Sugar Cable Sticks ...