Croix-roussien: Serenity along the Loire river
Croix-roussien: Deep conversation with daddy
Croix-roussien: Roman abbey
Croix-roussien: Forest musicians
Croix-roussien: The old bridge
Croix-roussien: All men with black hat are not bad ones !
Croix-roussien: Orchard fruit
Croix-roussien: Garden reflection
Croix-roussien: Golden eyes
Croix-roussien: Colored reflections in the abbey
Croix-roussien: Under the chandelier
Croix-roussien: Time of innocence
Croix-roussien: Traditionnal musician
Croix-roussien: Along the Rhône river
Croix-roussien: Under the chandelier
Croix-roussien: By the lake Leman
Croix-roussien: Le Puy en Velay
Croix-roussien: A hard day's night
Croix-roussien: Thirsty pigeon
Croix-roussien: Hapiness at the bivouac
Croix-roussien: Sunken facades
Croix-roussien: Flowers in the mountain
Croix-roussien: The blue lake
Croix-roussien: Inside the Basilica
Croix-roussien: Modern art in the sky
Croix-roussien: In these ancient times black death was raging in Europe
Croix-roussien: The old bridge at dusk
Croix-roussien: Prepared for the future
Croix-roussien: Under the chandelier
Croix-roussien: Blue eyed convict