Croix-roussien: The tower crane
Croix-roussien: Manifesting her happiness after containment
Croix-roussien: Singing for a sad friend
Croix-roussien: Hard time for runners
Croix-roussien: Sunken trees
Croix-roussien: Golden windows
Croix-roussien: Sunny november
Croix-roussien: Looking for the right door
Croix-roussien: Golden houses
Croix-roussien: Autumnal melancholy
Croix-roussien: It's raining gold
Croix-roussien: Crossing the Saone river
Croix-roussien: Biking behind shadows
Croix-roussien: Above the golden gate
Croix-roussien: The red house
Croix-roussien: Autumnal light
Croix-roussien: Houston we have a problem
Croix-roussien: The green ball
Croix-roussien: Water in the chimneys
Croix-roussien: Last song of autumn
Croix-roussien: The red footbridge
Croix-roussien: Autumnal colors
Croix-roussien: Running girl crossing a walking dog
Croix-roussien: A strange animal
Croix-roussien: Vegetal fireworks
Croix-roussien: Colors of the river Saône
Croix-roussien: Autumnal song
Croix-roussien: Where is my hat ?
Croix-roussien: The red wig
Croix-roussien: Sunbathing on a swing