Angel T@ylor .Hello friends: Small Copper and Buttercup
rui alexandre mendes: Sunshine at the Bridge
M.Leon.R.: The flight of seagull..
Valter Quattrini: lamiaroma
Marie du 35.: Brouillard matinal.
~Scimo~: --- St. Coloman ---
ellen.kalkman: Reflections
albertoadami55: Old Man of Storr
MountMan Photo: Jutro na Gacki
Pawel Wietecha: Big little lies
Pawel Wietecha: High heels
Yer Photo Xpression: Eastern Blue Bird
Angel T@ylor .Hello friends: Hoverfly on flower
HWHawerkamp: Arches
Ales Dusa: Man in spectacles
rui alexandre mendes: Bajouca's waterfall, tranquility in green
Pawel Wietecha: Open your eyes
rui alexandre mendes: a violet symphony by the morning
rui alexandre mendes: Ponte Vasco da Gama today
Andreas Komodromos: Electric reflection - Limassol, Cyprus
Irene2727: Like Wildflowers; you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would. ~~E.V.
hardmile: Ibes in Leaves