s0340248: DSC37195 Wenkheim, Herbst 2021 (Explore - #9 - 16.09.2023)
Medium Grain: 23DBT0729_154135_01r3b
pascalcolin1: Black or white
pascalcolin1: Jumping
lelic.bmw: Aurora behind the clouds
vancityvisual: Nighttime Streetscape in Old Montreal
DirkH_Fotografie: Der weiße Hut… the white hat. ILFORD HP5 Plus
vancityvisual: Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center Skybridge
vancityvisual: Providence Park - Portland, OR
vancityvisual: Mid day shadow play - Montreal, Quebec
vancityvisual: Silhouette photography in Old Montreal
vancityvisual: The Montreal Metro
jumppoint5: IMG_20230810_112430_211
jumppoint5: IMG_6467-01
Chris_Hawes: Beach walker longs sands beach Maine
Chris_Hawes: Elastic band on black table
Chris_Hawes: Truck remix
Chris_Hawes: Black and white
Chris_Hawes: Sleeping cat remix
zoulex69: Oh qu’il est beau, le lavabo !
David JP64: Gushing water
Chris_Hawes: Kitchen of the past black and white
Vannara: Anecdotes urbaines : M.W était amusé par les commentaires du couple #montreal #mtl #museum #mbam #contemporaryart #bnw #bnwphotography #photography #photooftheday #photo #vty_23 #picoftheday picture
Manhattan Girl: n i g h t
.^.Blanksy: “Much of your pain is self-chosen.” — Khalil Gibran
Speedy349: Corner to Corner
Lyutik966: Red Guitar
Lyutik966: Just a silhouette
Lyutik966: Man pianist