JAS62: After the rain 263/365
JAS62: Grey heron 262/365
JAS62: Going up 261/365
JAS62: Coneflower 260/365
JAS62: Happy Hour 259/365
JAS62: Shall we dance? 258/365
JAS62: The centre of a purple coneflower 257/365
JAS62: An elephant from the Herd of Hope 256/365
JAS62: No cycling…255-265
JAS62: Dramatic sky over the City 254/365
JAS62: Old & New 253/365
JAS62: Common Brimstone Butterfly 252/365
JAS62: Sun setting across the recreation ground 251/365
JAS62: City reflections 250/365
JAS62: It’s going to be a fine day! 249/365
JAS62: St Dunstan in the East Church Garden 248/365
JAS62: Audrey Hepburn in Brick Lane by Zabou 247/365
JAS62: King Charles Court at the Old Royal Naval College 246/365
JAS62: Reaching for the sky 245/365
JAS62: Dragonfly 244/365
JAS62: Going underground 243/365
JAS62: Once in a blue moon 242/365
JAS62: Mandarin Duck 241/365
JAS62: DAMAC Tower from Vauxhall Station 240/365
JAS62: Last of the summer sun 239/365
JAS62: Outside 238/365
JAS62: Lizzie’s Tree 237/365
JAS62: The view from Whitehall Gardens 237/365
JAS62: Raindrops on a cobweb 236/365
JAS62: Coates Water Country Park, Swindon 235/365