gerrypopplestone: “Well I don't know really”.
gerrypopplestone: “So, we went along with it”.
gerrypopplestone: Cyclist at Electric Avenue
gerrypopplestone: Brixton cyclist
gerrypopplestone: Sorting out the vegetables
gerrypopplestone: Waiting to be served
gerrypopplestone: Acre Lane fruit ‘n veg
gerrypopplestone: Electric Avenue fruit&veg
gerrypopplestone: Electric Avenue Market
gerrypopplestone: Alvaro cooking
gerrypopplestone: Me (and Alvaro) eating
gerrypopplestone: Fruit to go.....
gerrypopplestone: Buying vegetables in Peckham
gerrypopplestone: deliveroo cyclists
gerrypopplestone: Making the order
gerrypopplestone: Rookie skateboarder
gerrypopplestone: Swinging with Mum and Dad
gerrypopplestone: Pavement work
gerrypopplestone: A quick snack
gerrypopplestone: A local wall covering
gerrypopplestone: Patients waiting for the vaccine
gerrypopplestone: Success...!
gerrypopplestone: Something for tonight!
gerrypopplestone: The fish counter
gerrypopplestone: Sitting the drainage
gerrypopplestone: Choosing the vegetables
gerrypopplestone: A fish shop in ELECTRIC AVENUE
gerrypopplestone: Cleaning the windows
gerrypopplestone: Independence Day in Yangon, Myanmar
gerrypopplestone: Fixing the drains