gerrypopplestone: On the 133 bus, at London Bridge
gerrypopplestone: Fixing it.....
gerrypopplestone: Graffiti on the River Orwell, Ipswich
gerrypopplestone: Liverpool Street Station
gerrypopplestone: A plethora of skaters...
gerrypopplestone: In the sunlight...
gerrypopplestone: Prefabs in Ipswich.
gerrypopplestone: Tarran type prefab (re-imagined)...
gerrypopplestone: Prefabs on the Rushmere Estate, Ipswich.
gerrypopplestone: The gardens of these prefabs are usually quite large, so that tenants could grow their own vegetables at the end of the War. Many of these in Ipswich have fruit trees today.
gerrypopplestone: Watching the flag artist
gerrypopplestone: Achillea Taygetea
gerrypopplestone: Verbena Bonariensis
gerrypopplestone: Musician in Trafalgar Square
gerrypopplestone: The Ride in North Greenwich: open at last!
gerrypopplestone: The Ride, North Greenwich, four people walking here!
gerrypopplestone: The Ride at North Greenwich, near the O2
gerrypopplestone: People passing boxes!
gerrypopplestone: A bunch of school boys, at Westminster Catholic Cathedral.
gerrypopplestone: Turning Left
gerrypopplestone: Drop those pants!
gerrypopplestone: Walking past fit young men
gerrypopplestone: I pass the test...easily.
gerrypopplestone: Up there, in the sky........working!
gerrypopplestone: Mechanical digging...
gerrypopplestone: Bent over a drain.
gerrypopplestone: Tapping a paving stone
gerrypopplestone: sorting out the gas
gerrypopplestone: Boxing practice in Ruskin Park
gerrypopplestone: How about this one?