gerrypopplestone: Antony Gormley’s male nudes
gerrypopplestone: Running through woods
gerrypopplestone: Holey stone
gerrypopplestone: Going nowhere
gerrypopplestone: Which way out?
gerrypopplestone: Boris Johnson
gerrypopplestone: Coiled wire in the art gallery
gerrypopplestone: A562CEE7-3B4E-42F9-9C14-4ACD699BAC00
gerrypopplestone: The Gormley ...Apple.
gerrypopplestone: Antony Gormley
gerrypopplestone: Falling man
gerrypopplestone: Going nowhere!
gerrypopplestone: A jumble of spaces, all locked together.
gerrypopplestone: Caught in the middle
gerrypopplestone: Going around in circles
gerrypopplestone: The Foreign and Colonial Office - the meeting room.
gerrypopplestone: The Foreign Office
gerrypopplestone: A visit to the Foreign Office
gerrypopplestone: The grand staircase.
gerrypopplestone: Charing Cross Station
gerrypopplestone: Ready for weekend work
gerrypopplestone: Entrancing Rhythm at Peckham Rye.
gerrypopplestone: Carnaby Street, London
gerrypopplestone: Carnaby Street
gerrypopplestone: Waiting to eat, Kingly Court, Soho, London
gerrypopplestone: A photograph of two photographers photographing two men talking!
gerrypopplestone: Keeping traffic at bay
gerrypopplestone: Stencilling “Climate Strike”
gerrypopplestone: Going to the Climate Change Protest
gerrypopplestone: Pause for a moment