gerrypopplestone: Arriving at Paddington Station
gerrypopplestone: About to catch the train
gerrypopplestone: Just in time
gerrypopplestone: Station improvements
gerrypopplestone: Hoping for an audience
gerrypopplestone: Covent Garden busker
gerrypopplestone: Mary Poppins
gerrypopplestone: Scooting in Leicester Square
gerrypopplestone: Lunchtime crowds
gerrypopplestone: Peckham kids, after school
gerrypopplestone: Guys on the Tube
gerrypopplestone: Selling silverware
gerrypopplestone: Theodolite work
gerrypopplestone: Portraits in Leicester Square
gerrypopplestone: Delivering the Evening Standard
gerrypopplestone: Feeding the pigeons.
gerrypopplestone: Women chatting
gerrypopplestone: Walking in Brixton
gerrypopplestone: On the 36 bus
gerrypopplestone: The Mutilated, by Jankel Adler.
gerrypopplestone: Female police officers
gerrypopplestone: Oxford Street renovations
gerrypopplestone: Re-bricking the paving
gerrypopplestone: Vauxhall Bridge resurfacing
gerrypopplestone: Sealing the tarmac
gerrypopplestone: Vauxhall Bridge repairs
gerrypopplestone: Sealing the tarmac
gerrypopplestone: Vauxhall Bridge
gerrypopplestone: Covid-19 and the Tube
gerrypopplestone: The wide...and the narrow!