gerrypopplestone: Scooting around - speed limit 20
gerrypopplestone: Queueing for food supplies outside a Morrison’s shop
gerrypopplestone: Loading construction waste at Camberwell Green
gerrypopplestone: Replacing the drains
gerrypopplestone: Taking a breather
gerrypopplestone: Loading
gerrypopplestone: Loading the old pavement blocks
gerrypopplestone: My garden in springtime
gerrypopplestone: Having a chat on a night out!
gerrypopplestone: Some eating; others ordering take-aways.
gerrypopplestone: The night time rush...
gerrypopplestone: Motor cyclist on her phone
gerrypopplestone: This porter is such a lot of fun!
gerrypopplestone: She cooks the meals
gerrypopplestone: He is a receptionist at the Malaysia Hotel, Bangkok
gerrypopplestone: Lottery ticket final week
gerrypopplestone: Final time for lottery tickets
gerrypopplestone: Sharing a meal
gerrypopplestone: All busy eating...
gerrypopplestone: Thanon Phat Phong
gerrypopplestone: Thanon Phat Phong
gerrypopplestone: Cleaning up...after the builders, at Thanon Si Lom
gerrypopplestone: Erecting the frames for tonight’s market
gerrypopplestone: Erecting the frames for hanging clothes
gerrypopplestone: A Brit expat, down on his luck!
gerrypopplestone: searching for fruit and vegetables
gerrypopplestone: Safety First
gerrypopplestone: Scraping the tiled floor of Central World
gerrypopplestone: Sitting in a passageway
gerrypopplestone: Colourful drainage plumbing