gerrypopplestone: A pavement in Dhaka
gerrypopplestone: Digging a trench for electric wiring
gerrypopplestone: Flowers from the summer
gerrypopplestone: Accordion musician
gerrypopplestone: Playing the accordian
gerrypopplestone: Musician on the pavement
gerrypopplestone: Family lunch
gerrypopplestone: Lunchtime in Brixton Market
gerrypopplestone: Food at Electric Avenue
gerrypopplestone: Waiting for the bus
gerrypopplestone: Camberwell Arts Festival today
gerrypopplestone: Chatting at Camberwell Arts Festivities
gerrypopplestone: Wrapping up the flowers
gerrypopplestone: Selling cards
gerrypopplestone: Vendor at Camberwell
gerrypopplestone: Walking past in the street
gerrypopplestone: ‘Do it like this’
gerrypopplestone: Selling scarves
gerrypopplestone: Waiting, waiting, waiting
gerrypopplestone: Looking through the bargains!
gerrypopplestone: Crowds around the machines
gerrypopplestone: Fixing stuff
gerrypopplestone: Fruit seller in the streets of Dhaka
gerrypopplestone: Useful spare equipment
gerrypopplestone: Shirts and other clothes
gerrypopplestone: A load of (useful) old metal
gerrypopplestone: The men of Dhaka
gerrypopplestone: Two friends with me in Dhaka
gerrypopplestone: Spare parts
gerrypopplestone: Sorting out spare parts