laurie.mccarty: DSC_9395=061218 Green Heron
tooram butterfly: Dried Thistle.
Anton Shomali - Thank you for over 5 million views: Spreading the joy of Monarchs. Explored September 3, 2021
anne.w.51: Dead-Nettle Leaf Beetle - Prächtiger Blattkäfer
anne.w.51: Hedychrum nobile - Sand-Goldwespe
anne.w.51: Adscita sp. - Grünwidderchen, ♀
erikomoket: Cat in my dream。夢の中の🐱.
Hana Tal: 2 blossoms
paul leyland: Pelargonium
Franz *: A little visitor!
claudedelrieu21: lever du jour
Lady-bug: Gateway
fine art by Christy: UGA Butterfly
soniaadammurray - On & Off: A Big Thank You to All You Brave Veterans
fine art by Christy: Happy Garden
fine art by Christy: Morning Dew
Marut Rata: It’s time to rest ...😴
momathew: Common Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
Robertoboy: Elephant Hawk Moth
myriorama: polyphemus
claudedelrieu21: automne 3
paul leyland: Helophilus pendulus
ursulamller900: Mushroom Stories 2021 #7
Shadows & Forms: Night vision
Shadows & Forms: Take off
tooram butterfly: Hangin On.
skagitrenee: In the Field
Sonja Parfitt: the boys reflection abstract
Fitz Clarke: 20211008-Carolina Chickadee (Poecile carolinensis)
Chrissie2003: Simply Red