Funchye: Coreopsis verticillata
Funchye: Poppy from early spring
Funchye: Made from a leaf
Funchye: Seedhead - anemone hupehensis
Funchye: Made of the seedhead - anemone hupehensis
Funchye: Dahlia
Funchye: End of the poppy season
Funchye: September sky
Funchye: Wet poppy
Funchye: Pear in a box
Funchye: Chrysanthemum
Funchye: Poppies after flowering
Funchye: Spiral
Funchye: It has been a rainy summer
Funchye: Svaneke, Bornholm, DK
Funchye: Stairs up
Funchye: Abandoned chair
Funchye: Tree of Hammershus
Funchye: Detail of a tree
Funchye: Kultippen
Funchye: European herring gull
Funchye: Evening sky
Funchye: Afternoon sky
Funchye: Part of Fjordenhus, Vejle, DK
Funchye: Part of Fjordenhus, Vejle - DK
Funchye: White poppy
Funchye: Dahlia
Funchye: Tragopogon abstract
Funchye: Balconys, Aarhus, DK
Funchye: Forest edge