fotophotow: Metallic Sky Lights
fotophotow: Smile at Girard Ave
fotophotow: Bike Station at Girard Ave
fotophotow: P. E. Church of the Covenant
fotophotow: City View from Girard
fotophotow: 2637brew
fotophotow: Church at 27th and Girard
fotophotow: Brewerytown Pharmacy
fotophotow: Lincoln Fried Chicken
fotophotow: Dollar Tree
fotophotow: Fuzzy Bear Pre-School Academy
fotophotow: Letter Mural
fotophotow: Street Corner with Dumpster
fotophotow: Woman with dog
fotophotow: Happy Garden
fotophotow: Pearlstein Furniture
fotophotow: All the light you see is from the past
fotophotow: Bottle Shop
fotophotow: Ambulance in traffic
fotophotow: Wall and garage door
fotophotow: Graveley Roofing
fotophotow: Philly Water Ice + Krispy Krunchy Chicken
fotophotow: Poplar & W. College Ave
fotophotow: Man on yellow bicycle
fotophotow: 2426 Poplar Street
fotophotow: Hanging bicycle and pumpkins
fotophotow: One Motor Cycle and Two Red Cars
fotophotow: Trees and pedestrians
fotophotow: Saint with angels
fotophotow: St Nicolas Church