fotophotow: Brown Water in Cooper River Branch
fotophotow: Fungi on Branch over Creek
fotophotow: Waterside Plants
fotophotow: Branch of Cooper River
fotophotow: White Flowers
fotophotow: Tree Bridge
fotophotow: Cooper River Branch Bank
fotophotow: Reflections in creek
fotophotow: Exposed Tree Roots at Waterside
fotophotow: Green Plant
fotophotow: Cooper River Branch at Barclay's Farm
fotophotow: Wooden Gate and Fence
fotophotow: Swing in back yard
fotophotow: Wooden Path and Fence
fotophotow: Brown Mushroom
fotophotow: Mushroom on Log
fotophotow: Fence at edge of Barclay's Farm
fotophotow: Hole in tree and ivy
fotophotow: Wasp Nest in Tree
fotophotow: Tree, shrubs and grass
fotophotow: Large Tree Root or Stem
fotophotow: Building at Barclay's Farm
fotophotow: Barclay's Farm
fotophotow: Plants with yellow flowers
fotophotow: Plant with tiny blue flowers
fotophotow: Branch with tiny leaves or needles
fotophotow: Bare Tree and Bench
fotophotow: Leaves on tree
fotophotow: Wooden Shed at Barclay's Farm
fotophotow: Ivy Covered Trees