ClaraDon: Country Road on a Bright Summer Eve
ClaraDon: The Young Lady we all Thought Would Never Grow Old
ClaraDon: Too Hungry to Wait ................
ClaraDon: Just Catching Some Rays
ClaraDon: Granddaughter Ashley With the Mona Lisa Smile
ClaraDon: Ribbon Text
ClaraDon: The Endless Image
ClaraDon: Stitching the easy way, with Photoshop
ClaraDon: MII LightHouse - On Station
ClaraDon: The 21st Century Limited Reaches the end of the Track
ClaraDon: Sunset ETB
ClaraDon: Basketball Text Wrap
ClaraDon: DUC 1005 - Scram Skippy....this is Bird food
ClaraDon: Star Stuff
ClaraDon: Musical Notes Floating
ClaraDon: Bizarre activity in the Cabin
ClaraDon: Faestock - I'm Almost sure they went this way
ClaraDon: A Sister's cake for her Brother
ClaraDon: Close Blending
ClaraDon: DA Users - The Queen ascends to her quarters
ClaraDon: Color Pencil Sketch
ClaraDon: Feline Woman
ClaraDon: Oh..OH....Grab the life preservers......I think we may be going swimming...........
ClaraDon: Get me out of here....PLEASE.........
ClaraDon: Duc 1004
ClaraDon: Close up of a Thinker
ClaraDon: Happy Easter
ClaraDon: A Halftone Border
ClaraDon: 3D at the Airport
ClaraDon: Lady Guitarist joins the Concert