Claradon: Our Grandson Playing on the Rocks
Claradon: Colorful Clouds
Claradon: Alice Treats the Mad Hatter
Claradon: Look Closely on This you see an Intruder with a Cell Phone?
Claradon: DareDevil Dancers
Claradon: Christmas Helpers
Claradon: Soft Color Grid
Claradon: Music
Claradon: The Story of Life
Claradon: And the Footpath Continues
Claradon: Pretty Ladies Popping Out
Claradon: Chomping on a Juicy Strawberry
Claradon: A Very Well Protected Young Lady
Claradon: Oh..Oh...Another Pirate Ship
Claradon: A Happy Thanksgiving to all in Flickr
Claradon: The Famous Dance Artist, Fred Astaire
Claradon: Happy Thanksgiving to all my Good Friends in Flickr
Claradon: AVA
Claradon: Vanishing Point
Claradon: Around the Corner
Claradon: Getting into Books
Claradon: Whoa....Hot stuff....Coming at You!
Claradon: Be Careful Boy, the old Man is Watching
Claradon: Young Girl Caught in the Rain
Claradon: A Thinking Man's Silhouette
Claradon: Three of my Beautiful Granddaughters, all Named Alyssa
Claradon: This Gal is a Real Cut-Up!
Claradon: Auto Shopping
Claradon: Veterans Day - Next Friday, the 11th