ClaraDon: 02/22/20
ClaraDon: DUC 1153 Five Little Monkees
ClaraDon: Granddaughter Alyssa excelling in her Gym Class
ClaraDon: Woman Laying Down - Sketch vs Photo
ClaraDon: Joshua
ClaraDon: The Impossible Triangle at Sea
ClaraDon: DUC 1152 Baby Koala Climbing the Lily Bush
ClaraDon: Look What I Found - A Happy Hummer
ClaraDon: Granddaughter Alyssa Feeding a Carrot to a Giraffe at the Florida State Fair
ClaraDon: The Old Alarm Clock
ClaraDon: Grandkids Alyssa and Jaden
ClaraDon: DUC 1151 A Long Way to Go
ClaraDon: Granddaughter Ashley in Pencil Sketch
ClaraDon: Strawberry Lizard
ClaraDon: Valentine Sunset
ClaraDon: Looks like our Eagle dined on Watermelon for Lunch
ClaraDon: Wow......Is it a Puppy, or a Barn Owl
ClaraDon: Love my 57 Chev Bel Air
ClaraDon: Good Pals
ClaraDon: DUC 1150 Proceeding Cautiously
ClaraDon: ETB ...... Sunset
ClaraDon: Chatting with the Glass Lady in the Park
ClaraDon: DUC 1149 Gillian's Fancy Fishbowl
ClaraDon: The middle of January and our Hibiscus is in full Bloom
ClaraDon: Jeremiah has the Backflip Nailed, Now he's Working on the Front Flip
ClaraDon: Poor Panda Getting Harassed by the little Loik Devils
ClaraDon: DUC 1148 Mom Cleaned it up
ClaraDon: Joshua Pencil Sketch
ClaraDon: Dinner at B.J.'s
ClaraDon: DUC 1147 ..... It Looks Like our Hero is about to get Soaked