ClaraDon: Alyssa Trying to Hide That Pretty Smile. Got it with my X-Ray lens.
ClaraDon: Our Brave Daughter Showing us her 3D Phone Pics
ClaraDon: Lovers in Amsterdam
ClaraDon: DUC 1187 ...........It's OK...Don't Worry.....I'm Watching Them for You!
ClaraDon: Skeleton Poker
ClaraDon: Our Constitution Umbrella .........Aren't You Glad it's up There, Protecting You
ClaraDon: Vincent Van Gogh, his Self Portrait in a Straw Hat, Overlaid on his Starry Night Masterpiece
ClaraDon: DUC 1186.......And Away We go in our Super Sedan
ClaraDon: Our Granddaughter Ashley - Graduating High School
ClaraDon: MMM Halloween Mask
ClaraDon: Whatever you do This Halloween have fun, BUT Play Safe
ClaraDon: Our Country's Colors, Two Founding Fathers, Two More Extraordinary Presidents
ClaraDon: Ballerina Dancing on the Moon
ClaraDon: C'Mon Up......We're Having a Halloween Party
ClaraDon: DUC 1185.......A Fun Family Outing
ClaraDon: A Touch of 3D
ClaraDon: Clara's Anniversary Roses
ClaraDon: Wow The Head Tuba Guy is Launching Rockets........
ClaraDon: Girls Chatting on the Roof
ClaraDon: DUC 1184 Do They Have Icebergs Around California too?
ClaraDon: Watch Out Folks....My Little Grandson Jeremiah is on the Road
ClaraDon: Despair
ClaraDon: Late Night Restaurant Flirting
ClaraDon: DUC 1183 Finally Getting Outta Here on Vacation
ClaraDon: Pirate Lady is Ready to Take on the Creature
ClaraDon: Jaden , Put me Down......Right Now....You Hear.......
ClaraDon: Tribute in Light to the Americans who Died on 9/11
ClaraDon: Five of our Grandkids
ClaraDon: DUC 1182......Looks Peaceful Enough, lets Take a Dip
ClaraDon: Getting Acquainted