ClaraDon: Dice
ClaraDon: Clara's Mother's Day Roses
ClaraDon: Black, White and Red
ClaraDon: Couple in the Moonlight
ClaraDon: Gangster Silhouette
ClaraDon: Mothers Day - Gone but Never Forgotten
ClaraDon: Artist painting the Crown Point Vista House
ClaraDon: DUC 1112 -Life of the Party, Blonde Does a "Potato Pop-Out" for the Crowd
ClaraDon: Dollar Bill Origami Hearts
ClaraDon: A Bridge Arch in Triptych +
ClaraDon: The New Senior iPhone
ClaraDon: Hey Look! Ally, our Orange Loving Gator is Here
ClaraDon: Digitalmania -JFK, a bit Ahead of his time with an Apple Laptop
ClaraDon: How to Build a House for two Dollars
ClaraDon: Digitalmania -Humphrey Bogart Escorting Lady Ga Ga to the Academy Awards
ClaraDon: DUC 1111 -Chicken Kabobs.......Coming Up Soon!
ClaraDon: Magic Shop Complaint Desk
ClaraDon: Grandson Jaden - The Apple in Grandma's Eye
ClaraDon: Dodge Challenger........His Pride and Joy ....Second only to her...of Course
ClaraDon: I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
ClaraDon: DUC 1110 -Here you go, you will love these RedHots they are Delicious
ClaraDon: Easter Bunny Tracks
ClaraDon: The Real Story of Easter
ClaraDon: Writing a Ticket
ClaraDon: Digitalmania
ClaraDon: Lincoln And Perry Como in Triptych
ClaraDon: DUC 1109 - Happy Farm Animals
ClaraDon: Photoshop Challenge
ClaraDon: Surreal View of Woman With her Close Friend
ClaraDon: Working on the Opera Mask