WildImages: Lion family crossing Fischer's Pan in Etosha 05890-14407
NetFred-2007: 0842 - Colfiorito
rik58: Winter
andrériis: Cathedral Cove, Hahei, Coromandel Peninsula
luca_pictures: Casolare diroccato
luca_pictures: Rivolto verso il mare
JD Photographie.: Elgol's road
Sergey S Ponomarev: pink'n'cold
www.neilburnell.com: Pillars - Dartmoor Pine Project
D-P Photography: [ ... dark shadows, brilliant highlights ]
WildImages: Denali through Thoroughfare Pass 5-30
luca_pictures: Sibillini beauty
JD Photographie.: Thunderdol
luca_pictures: Un albero all'alba
luigi.alesi: Canfaito - San Severino Marche
Elio Salvucci: Fantasie in campagna.
Mark Littlejohn: Dufton Ghyll
augustogratani: sibillini
LandscapeExposure.com: Fire and Ice
JD Photographie.: The storr
Celia W Zhen: Patagonia Series 12 - The Wind of Patagonia 2
wboland: The Start of Something Beautiful
luca_pictures: Alba da San Lorenzo
Celia W Zhen: Patagonia Series 11 - The Wind of Patagonia 1
LyallC: Otway Treasures