Summer night reflection Sun-streaked forest Oval trails Roslagstull Roundabout Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Cherry Blossom Silver falls Nyfors Forest Clearing Calm waters Night crossing Riddarholmen during the Blue Hour Riddarholmen and Gamla Stan during the Blue Hour Sunset över Riddarfjärden Faris hotel, Mani, Greece Faris hotel, Mani, Greece Riddarholmen Riddarfjärden at night Blue hour view from Monteliusvägen Nyfors in February 2019 Sunset over Judarn Riddarholmen in February Nyfors in February Nyfors in February Odda and Hardangerfjord Inverted Snow Lantern Borgviks bruk Mariaberget Mälardrottningen and Mariaberget during the blue hour