efo: Étage
efo: Requiem
efo: Brown and Sharpe
efo: Dynabarn
efo: Chapel near Swoope
efo: Mechanicsville cemetery
efo: DeJarnette Sanatorium Nº 3
efo: DeJarnette Sanatorium Nº 1
efo: Gooseneck Dam Powerhouse Nº 3
efo: H. L. Gilkeson Nº 2
efo: The watcher
efo: The depth
efo: Head to tail
efo: Perfect entrance
efo: Near Wolfcreek
efo: Rodeo Refinery by Night
efo: KPH aerial
efo: Super Stop diptych
efo: Cypress
efo: The lineup
efo: Announcement
efo: Closed Wednesday
efo: Buffalo Forge Station Residence
efo: North Mountain Motel
efo: Dragon
efo: Spec Nº 2
efo: Trailer sales Nº 2
efo: Truck near Spec
efo: Barn near Indian Rock
efo: Howard Johnson's, gum print