LUISXIX: Brisbane 2022 Riverfire South Bank I
Harrys_style: Lines and colors.
Quad150db: Jack the Clown
Leonard Bentley: City of London Police Constable and the 'London Stone'.
Simon Corble: A longnor street
Michael Billick: Reflections Of Everest
EastMarple1: Narrow Street, Peterborough circa 1905
kitty b wonderful: Who has been naughty and who has been nice?
whatsthatpicture: Identified: Penryn street scene - image mounted on small box
National Library of Ireland on The Commons: From Cook Street, corner of Lower Bridge Street, looking towards Wormwood Gate
lisby1: Anxious Grandmother, 1/6th-Plate Gaudin Daguerreotype, Circa 1850
lisby1: Billowing Black, Albumen Carte de Visite, Circa 1863
jansos: Puma Court, Spitalfields, E1
The Patrick Montgomery Collection: Thomas Annan - Close, No 136 Saltmarket, 1868
ANDI2..: Dazzle................................
archivesplus: Violet Street, nos 2 - 14, Hulme, 1914
pellethepoet: 67392. Kendal, Highgate, 123rd Yard by Francis Frith (1914)
mehmetmalgır: On Gozlu Kopru - Diyarbakir
reyruiz191: It's beginning....
sarah29343: Yorkshire Sculpture Park
sarah29343: Yorkshire Sculpture Park
sarah29343: Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Sabrina O Brien: Oil Spill
dcstn: Neuilly, Paris
pellethepoet: Alt-Hamburg. Anberg No. 8 (c.1910)
thelittleone417: 1/366 - Happy New Year! Love, Nora
Andrew Clarey: Weardale Ruined Cottage