leo.roos: Rüppell's griffon
Sean Hartwell Photography: Corrugated and rusted.
betsyweber: GRDevDay 2015
Maxime Vion Photography: Roll towards color
Chris Kilpatrick: Bee on daffodil
Chris Kilpatrick: Bee on daffodil
SurfaceA: Elster Faust Desert 3
Smith, Greg: Red Breasted Merganser, Pt Huron
Smith, Greg: Ft. Gratiot light house, Pt Huron
TimGarlick: Ceratophysella sp.
leo.roos: Troposcatter Hook of Holland
Francine Chabot: Curvy Coaster
TimGarlick: 10 Spot Ladybird
Sean Hartwell Photography: The dark Passage, Uxbridge.
Stuart.67: Langstone B&W
TimGarlick: Cute little Shield Bug
Mark Fearnley Photography: Birmingham. (2)
leo.roos: Flower and vase
TimGarlick: Harlequin
leo.roos: Exakta Varex IIa + Meyer Primotar E 50/3.5
TimGarlick: Orchesella villosa
Francine Chabot: Albannach's Bull Frog
Maffe: 29102014-_DSC7070.jpg
Smith, Greg: juvenile Ruby Throated Hummingbird, my backyard
Smith, Greg: 20140810-DSC_0406