dcnelson1898: Springing Up in the Wet Grass
dcnelson1898: A Crane Prancing in the Field
dcnelson1898: Different Angles of Wings
dcnelson1898: Strutting Sandhill Crane
dcnelson1898: Dancing Cranes at the Reserve
dcnelson1898: Dancing Cranes
dcnelson1898: Double Decker Wings
dcnelson1898: Four Cranes with Wings Spread
dcnelson1898: Two Cranes Hovering Above the Crowd
dcnelson1898: Wings and Splashes
dcnelson1898: BNSF Engine at the Crossing
dcnelson1898: A Formation of Geese
dcnelson1898: BNSF Engines 6144 and 5164
dcnelson1898: Hawk Banking
dcnelson1898: Tree Reflection at Cosumnes
dcnelson1898: Black Neck Stilt Reflection
dcnelson1898: Looking Through the Grove of Trees
dcnelson1898: Rail Bridge Over the Cosumnes
dcnelson1898: Hawk Flying Lowjpg
dcnelson1898: A Stand of Wild Grass
dcnelson1898: Trina on the Trail
dcnelson1898: Train Through the Reserve
dcnelson1898: Fall Color at the Reserve
dcnelson1898: Train at the Crossing
dcnelson1898: Strolling Along the Trail
dcnelson1898: Train Trestle in Cosumnes Reserve
dcnelson1898: Closed Area in Cosumnes
dcnelson1898: Reflection of the Rail Bridge
dcnelson1898: Fishing on the Cosumnes
dcnelson1898: Looking up to Montepulciano