dcnelson1898: Angles of Downtown Architecture
dcnelson1898: I'm Not the Only One
dcnelson1898: Kirby Cove and the Fog Bank
dcnelson1898: Lines of Honor
dcnelson1898: Trail Through the Mist
dcnelson1898: Headstones in the Fog
dcnelson1898: Tree Trunks in the Fog
dcnelson1898: Steps in the Woods
dcnelson1898: Kobbe Avenue in the Fog
dcnelson1898: Fog Bank Outside the Bay
dcnelson1898: Civil War Statue at the Presidio
dcnelson1898: Path in the Fog
dcnelson1898: USS_Kentuckian_bringing_troops_home_1919
dcnelson1898: USS Kentuckian Troop Billet
dcnelson1898: Was a Forest France 1917
dcnelson1898: No Man's Land Pill Box 1917 France
dcnelson1898: Co. C 363 Inf, Nogent le Rotou 1918
dcnelson1898: 5 Carts Nogent 1917
dcnelson1898: Look at Them Shoes France 1918
dcnelson1898: Soldier Tracy Clark 1917
dcnelson1898: Milk Wagon France 1918
dcnelson1898: Mail Man France
dcnelson1898: Nogent le Rotrou
dcnelson1898: Tracy Clark Headed Home
dcnelson1898: Laundry Sheds on River France 1918
dcnelson1898: Bill Lawrence Reposed
dcnelson1898: Doing Family Laundry France
dcnelson1898: No Man's Land Near Ypres France 1917
dcnelson1898: Bill Lawrence
dcnelson1898: Ruins Belgium 1918