woof336699: Huntington Library
stokebear: 2018-09-12_02-30-31
midendian: 20060520182900ksfo icelandair flight671 b767 edited
woof336699: Morning Coffee
midendian: IMG_2789 San Jacinto from CA-18, California.
davecobb: After nearly nineteen years together, my husband Jason finally gets approved for a Green Card! A weight lifted and a new chapter for both of us.
midendian: IMG_6100 United 787-8 N20904 at KSFO.
midendian: IMG_5318 Air New Zealand 767-319ER ZK-NCK arriving KLAX RWY 25R.
midendian: IMG_4825 United N26902 787-8 departing KLAX RWY 25R.
midendian: IMG_2252 Pyongyang, DPRK.
pete@eastbaywilds.com: Satureja chandleri - San Diego Savory
chrisglass: XYZ - Matt W Moore mural, Cincinnati
Good ol' Mike: 135/365
Eric Fischer: Locals and Tourists #37 (GTWA #76): San Diego
chrisglass: Dan and Chris, freshly married
hortulus: A private garden near Santa Cruz, CA