danlmarmot: Lachenalia viridiflora.
danlmarmot: Tonight's meal is made by local Iraqi refugees.
danlmarmot: Hummingbird irritated at me
danlmarmot: Allen's hummingbird
danlmarmot: Welcome to the Social.
danlmarmot: Greetings from South Sudan!
danlmarmot: i think the sparkling wine goes with the tacos tonight and not the beer
danlmarmot: Greetings from Congo, the menu tonight
danlmarmot: Starting off at Matthes Lake
danlmarmot: Ice whiskers by the creek
danlmarmot: Cross country to Echo Lake
danlmarmot: Echo Lake
danlmarmot: Patrick coming along
danlmarmot: Mountain bluebird getting something
danlmarmot: JMT Superhighway
danlmarmot: Not far from the Valley
danlmarmot: Pleasant forest and blue skies
danlmarmot: The wilderness has rules
danlmarmot: Good Morning
danlmarmot: Nelson Lake
danlmarmot: Cross country
danlmarmot: Meadow Below
danlmarmot: Looking at domes
danlmarmot: Poops
danlmarmot: Unhealthy forest
danlmarmot: Lupine
danlmarmot: Crossing a stream
danlmarmot: Pat takes a break
danlmarmot: Across the meadow
danlmarmot: Walkable shelf?