Damian_Ward: Forked Treetops
Damian_Ward: Field Fence
Damian_Ward: Trees and Protruding branches
Damian_Ward: Gormley on a Roof
Damian_Ward: Tree Lined Fence No.4
Damian_Ward: Birds and tree
Damian_Ward: Huddling Lime Trees
Damian_Ward: Hawthorn and Fence
Damian_Ward: Frosty Beacon Hill
Damian_Ward: Surprise Snow
Damian_Ward: Reverence
Damian_Ward: Forest Frost
Damian_Ward: The Lyde Gardens No. 10
Damian_Ward: Still Morning
Damian_Ward: Broken Bench
Damian_Ward: Tidal Pool
Damian_Ward: Half Dressed
Damian_Ward: The Big Bonsai
Damian_Ward: An image from Friday's outing.
Damian_Ward: Axis No. 4
Damian_Ward: Two Grasses
Damian_Ward: The Standoff
Damian_Ward: Supported Tree No. 1
Damian_Ward: Three Trees and Broken Fence No. 2
Damian_Ward: Backlit Tree
Damian_Ward: HS2 Log Pile
Damian_Ward: The Organ of St Mary the Virgin