Photra99: Big Muskie Bucket
Photra99: Big Muskie Bucket
Photra99: Watson Lake Park
Photra99: Behind Fence
Photra99: Three Horses
Photra99: Charming Brick House
Photra99: Little Beyond
Photra99: Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah
Carlos Perulán: torreón colegiata santa juliana en Santillana
Photra99: Cedar Breaks National Monument in Utah
Equinox27: Demolished Wakarusa Barn
MainelyVirginia: Jeannie's Shoes 2 Cox en Stock
Teolc Eniger: Zaanse Schans
Tugboat Printshop: Framed a B&W "REFLECTING NARCISSUS" Woodcut
Lake Effect: Skate-Drink-Eat
Man_of Steel: Porto’s Municipal Building’s, Back-Side
SARK S-W: Lowestoft 11
Jeff Sullivan ( Afternoon Storm on the Tucki Mountains
s0340248: DSC37385 Tauberbischofsheim Edelberg Winter 2021
alonsodr: Down way
MainelyVirginia: Before the Rain
rickwil64: Remembering The Summer_76
WAVZ 13: Yet another grueling day at the Cassette Hospital where aging tapes and tape decks are given a second life. This pre-op shot shows a 1995 Sony TC-WE303 desperately in need of a new capacitor and two drive belts. March 2023.
Longfinger1: Story time with Chewey
Longfinger1: Chewbacca as a boy