GretchenMariePhotography: Bunch of Blossoms
Kirsten Storm: Shooting star
jharriscohen: Pienza
sharkoman: bokehbello
Jenny Terasaki Photography: What is the "good" about goodbyes?
*Arielle*: Strength to Weather the Storm | Mallorca
*Arielle*: I need some spring | Pennsylvania
ilde casotti ;¬): Sem Medo de Ser Diferente | Without Fear of Being Different
Vinje: Ice blue
Kirsten Storm: The toadstool
Kirsten Storm: Winter mood
mischuge: Vidlička
(JoU): little turtle
sharkoman: l'albero danzante (dancing tree)
Meg R: Oasis
Meg R: the lights are coming down
Per Erik Sviland: Winter from my terrace
ConanTheLibrarian: Cottonwoods arching over road on Willow Island, Dawson Co, NE
stefanspy (38): Laborarbeit