ConanTheLibrarian: Qui moderatur ducibus?
ConanTheLibrarian: "Figure in the Moonlight" by John Atkinson Grimshaw
ConanTheLibrarian: Desk Lamp with Pencil
ConanTheLibrarian: Shiraz by Candlelight
ConanTheLibrarian: Lake 3, Fort Kearny State Rec. Area
ConanTheLibrarian: ...with a little help from my friends.
ConanTheLibrarian: Forest Floor, Iron County, WI
ConanTheLibrarian: Which Way Is The Wind Blowing?
ConanTheLibrarian: How Thoughtful and Convenient!
ConanTheLibrarian: What Does This Sign Mean?
ConanTheLibrarian: The Power of Art
ConanTheLibrarian: First Robin
ConanTheLibrarian: Classic "Filling Station" Architecture
ConanTheLibrarian: No Lifeguard
ConanTheLibrarian: Bedspread Patterns
ConanTheLibrarian: Backyard Drift
ConanTheLibrarian: Peppers and Onions
ConanTheLibrarian: Garage Cobwebs
ConanTheLibrarian: Snow in Nebraska
ConanTheLibrarian: Red Cedar River, East Lansing, MI
ConanTheLibrarian: Sunrise on the Platte River, 9-19-18
ConanTheLibrarian: Dawn on the Platte River, 9-19-18
ConanTheLibrarian: Cherry Tomatoes
ConanTheLibrarian: Island Princess
ConanTheLibrarian: 6 oz = 4 x 1.5 oz. No kidding.
ConanTheLibrarian: SUV's with Aluminum Frames?
ConanTheLibrarian: Nebraska
ConanTheLibrarian: New Frontiers in Kitsch