dufasnoop: 20130118-20130118_0009_BKF_0349
dufasnoop: iPhone city shot
dufasnoop: Hudson River / Jersey City - iPhone
dufasnoop: WFC/GS/FT - iPhone
dufasnoop: More random iPhone stuff - can you guess what it is?
dufasnoop: Chilling outside my apartment.
dufasnoop: Elevator revisited.
dufasnoop: Another random iPhone photo at the ferry terminal
dufasnoop: Random iPhone photo.
dufasnoop: Ferry terminal seats
dufasnoop: On ferry to jersey - iphone instagram
dufasnoop: Waiting for train - iPhone
dufasnoop: Statue of Liberty
dufasnoop: DSC_9429
dufasnoop: DSC_9379
dufasnoop: DSC_9287
dufasnoop: The Top of the Mount of Olives - Location of Christ's Ascension
dufasnoop: "Abraham's Well" in Beersheba
dufasnoop: Hebron Farmland
dufasnoop: Hebron Boy
dufasnoop: Hebron - building of Jewish Settlement
dufasnoop: Bethany
dufasnoop: Bethany at Dawn
dufasnoop: Kidron Valley (with the Eastern / Golden Gate in the background)
dufasnoop: Olive Tree in the Garden of Gethsemane
dufasnoop: Garden of Gethsemane
dufasnoop: Jewish Graves on the Mount of Olives
dufasnoop: Jewish Graves on the Mount of Olives
dufasnoop: Southern Wall of the Temple
dufasnoop: The Golden Gate