dufasnoop: Old City Jerusalem and the Temple Mount
dufasnoop: Jerusalem as seen from the Mount of Olives
dufasnoop: St Anna Church
dufasnoop: Pool of Bethesda
dufasnoop: Would you believe he pointed his toy gun at me when I turned my back on him?!?!?!?
dufasnoop: Alleyways of Mount Zion
dufasnoop: Baker's Son - Mount Zion
dufasnoop: People Worshipping Inside the Garden Tomb (possible tomb of Jesus Christ)
dufasnoop: Possible Site of Christ's Tomb
dufasnoop: Example of "Rolled Away Stone" at The Garden Tomb (possible tomb of Christ)
dufasnoop: Possible Location of Christ's Tomb
dufasnoop: Possible Site of the Calvary
dufasnoop: House of Caiaphas - Peter denying Christ
dufasnoop: Steps to the House of Caiphas
dufasnoop: Hagia Sion Church/Dormition Abbey in Mount Zion
dufasnoop: DSC_7082
dufasnoop: Sun Setting Over Jerusalem
dufasnoop: Jericho Goats
dufasnoop: Jericho Path
dufasnoop: Jericho City Walls (Tell es Sultan)
dufasnoop: Outside Jericho
dufasnoop: Jerusalem (Old City)
dufasnoop: DSC_6647
dufasnoop: Western Wall Prayer
dufasnoop: Jews Praying at the Western Wall (Wailing Wall)
dufasnoop: Lady Worshipping in the Western Wall Tunnel
dufasnoop: Palistinian Girl
dufasnoop: West Bank
dufasnoop: Rabbinical Steps
dufasnoop: Entrance to the City of David