teun_van_dijk: Texel nr 03
.MARTINE.: Paddootje in het bos
.MARTINE.: Room for one
P.E.T. shots: a pair...3866
.MARTINE.: Almost gone
P.E.T. shots: 3 vases...3862
*LiliAnn*: Tulips
zilverbat.: We are shadows in life
P.E.T. shots: garden....1739
P.E.T. shots: Yikes! ...3345-2
Fotagi: Stary dobry dom
mluisa_: Dietro ai vetri
Henny Vogelaar: Abstract
Henny Vogelaar: Behind the Door
teun_van_dijk: Still Life
.MARTINE.: Ready for bake off !
zilverbat.: Vintage chairs in Dudok / Hilversum
~C.K~: Rockin' Robert
teun_van_dijk: Classic Dudok
Marjolein Lich: Kaneelkussentjes
Henny Vogelaar: Roundabout
Bram de Jong: Autumn vibes ....
.MARTINE.: Magical
Marjolein Lich: Mushrooms
francisca-s: the end of the day
Carina H. Jacobsson: Silhouette of a tiny tiny bug...
BradSimsPhoto: Water Lilies. Lake Maumelle, Arkansas. 2022.
willynihotfotografie: architectuur / stilleven fotografie
teun_van_dijk: Still Life