blondinrikard: Seventh Son - will they ever learn to use contraceptives?
blondinrikard: Seventh Wonder
blondinrikard: Panzerpappa
blondinrikard: Bicycle, slightly used, "as is" to the highest bidder
blondinrikard: First?
blondinrikard: Kungstorget
blondinrikard: A beer
blondinrikard: Perspective of work
blondinrikard: Moss roof
blondinrikard: Pipelife
blondinrikard: The river
blondinrikard: Looking at you, kid
blondinrikard: Owe Thörnqvist, 90 years old
blondinrikard: This could happen to Ricky Gervais
blondinrikard: Interesting clouds
blondinrikard: Waterfront
blondinrikard: Klippan
blondinrikard: Tram #3
blondinrikard: As she slowly walks away
blondinrikard: Silhouettes
blondinrikard: Bridge
blondinrikard: Sunset
blondinrikard: Magical canopy
blondinrikard: Stairs
blondinrikard: Lichen
blondinrikard: Lime tree
blondinrikard: Continental
blondinrikard: Faster, harder, Schooner!
blondinrikard: Eclipse by foot