blondinrikard: No title
blondinrikard: Lundby Strand
blondinrikard: Not that I ever found Windows "genuine"
blondinrikard: Good afternoon
blondinrikard: Good morning
blondinrikard: Brunnsparken
blondinrikard: Darling wife and Bloody Mary
blondinrikard: Happy new year!
blondinrikard: Göta River
blondinrikard: Rosenlund
blondinrikard: Majorna, Göteborg
blondinrikard: Happy Holidays
blondinrikard: The Castle
blondinrikard: Sugar case
blondinrikard: Two for the road
blondinrikard: Bastion of knowledge?
blondinrikard: Ferry-ride on the way home
blondinrikard: Lebanese birthday dinner with wife and kids
blondinrikard: Seasonal present from kids
blondinrikard: Street art
blondinrikard: Arriving at work
blondinrikard: Fars Hatt
blondinrikard: The Silhouette
blondinrikard: Stora Teatern
blondinrikard: In the midst of the autumn storm (they warned us about)
blondinrikard: Glass
blondinrikard: Ramen