blondinrikard: Department of applied IT
blondinrikard: Caroleans
blondinrikard: Programmed Data Processor--14
blondinrikard: Vanessa Cardui, Tistelfjäril
blondinrikard: Dahlia
blondinrikard: Rowan
blondinrikard: Rosebud...
blondinrikard: Rose hip and bee
blondinrikard: Tanacetum vulgare, common tansy, renfana
blondinrikard: Thistle
blondinrikard: Linaria vulgaris
blondinrikard: Rose hips
blondinrikard: Obviously
blondinrikard: Mr and Mrs, a.k.a When life gives you lemons
blondinrikard: Smoke prohibition
blondinrikard: Seventh Son - will they ever learn to use contraceptives?
blondinrikard: Seventh Wonder
blondinrikard: Panzerpappa
blondinrikard: Bicycle, slightly used, "as is" to the highest bidder
blondinrikard: First?
blondinrikard: Kungstorget
blondinrikard: A beer
blondinrikard: Perspective of work
blondinrikard: Moss roof
blondinrikard: Pipelife
blondinrikard: The river
blondinrikard: Looking at you, kid
blondinrikard: Owe Thörnqvist, 90 years old
blondinrikard: This could happen to Ricky Gervais
blondinrikard: Interesting clouds