Grooover: Chef's new barbed wire spaghetti wasn't going down well with the locals
Grooover: Autumn Retreat
Grooover: A branch in the river
Grooover: The colour of the wall was set in stone
Grooover: You wait all day for a fishing boat then two come along at once. Or is that buses.
Grooover: Autumn Soldiers
Grooover: Nothing to crow about
Grooover: A rose by any other name would smell as sweet
Grooover: Monkey Say Monkey Do
Grooover: Photo bombing squirrel strikes again
Grooover: Subtle show
Grooover: The official judge of the Christchurch Park nut burying Championships
Grooover: A Bad Reception
Grooover: Links to the past
Grooover: For thicker longer lashes. Become a horse.
Grooover: On a rainy day. I like to experiment in the kitchen
Grooover: A shot of Nessy (Orford Ness)
Grooover: The Angle Of The Dangle
Grooover: Having a gander at the meander
Grooover: The Allotment of time
Grooover: Must have missed the ferry
Grooover: Steel Magnolias
Grooover: A view of some Blue
Grooover: The awful mess at Orford Ness
Grooover: Brian always does the dusting on a Sunday morning
Grooover: Another young poser on the scene
Grooover: Strut your stuff
Grooover: Shore Leave
Grooover: Someone said his lines were not very straight. I thought I would let the dust settle a bit before speaking to him about it again.
Grooover: Vinyl Covering