Grooover: Jus Passin Thru
Grooover: The quality checks at the flashbulb factory were quite rigorous.
Grooover: Lost at sea
Grooover: Submarine protoype discovered during very low tide
Grooover: Pollarded Oaks
Grooover: The colour looks a bit rung out
Grooover: Putting on the Stile
Grooover: A blot on the landscape
Grooover: Steel Appeal
Grooover: Heading for the horizon
Grooover: Coastal Erosion
Grooover: In the thick of it
Grooover: Life is what you make it
Grooover: At the end of a strange year
Grooover: Stillness of movement
Grooover: A bolt on application
Grooover: While posing for a selfie, Brian was wondering how Shinglestreet got it's name
Grooover: Midday at the oasis
Grooover: The Castaway
Grooover: A nice colour pallet
Grooover: Giant Beetle found in street
Grooover: Face it. You ain't no oil painting
Grooover: At the end of the day. You are just a number
Grooover: It's in the post
Grooover: On the crest of a wave
Grooover: The art curator was a nice young bird
Grooover: The tension was rising
Grooover: Is that a crane? No i think it's a cormorant.
Grooover: Does my butt look big in this
Grooover: X Murks the spot