Grooover: North Sea Blues
Grooover: Until Next Year
Grooover: We finally reached the rockface
Grooover: We finally reached the headland.
Grooover: I thought i heard the wind whistling through the trees. Turns out it was just another tree. He seemed a little surprised to see me.
Grooover: Waiting for a box
Grooover: Taking shelter
Grooover: Capsized Colours
Grooover: The flag of the State of oldboats
Grooover: Playing Chequers
Grooover: The morning after the night before
Grooover: Jim Lowe and Shakin Stevens knew something about what went on here.
Grooover: Aldeburgh Oasis
Grooover: It's a slippery slope to a life of Grime
Grooover: At The Heart Of The Matter
Grooover: She was part of a Left Wing movement
Grooover: Summoning The Spirits
Grooover: Demoted Moat
Grooover: Dark matter found on Dunwich beach
Grooover: The angle of Projection
Grooover: Bob's "Climb to the moon" business had barely got off the ground. Then they invented rockets
Grooover: My Post Lockdown Selfie (i think i nailed it)
Grooover: Movement Of Light 2
Grooover: Movement Of Light
Grooover: The writing was on the wall for these people
Grooover: A Crafty Crafter Craftily Crafting A Craft
Grooover: Brian's move to digital photography was a slow process but the tripod was a start
Grooover: At The Waters Edge
Grooover: Walberswick Wader
Grooover: On The Dunes