TRUE.panda: Does it ever get lonely?
Josef...: blue beyond
Brian Massiter: River Tyne meets the sea
tom_roche21: Through My Sails
tom_roche21: Waiting on a Sunny Day
creativegaz: On Golden Sands
Shirly Hamra: 2017 F1 Grand Prix Closing Ceremony
CoolMcFlash: Umbrella Lines
Dave Brightwell: The Streak
Ken Krach Photography: Nubble Dawning
claudiadea131: Milan last night under the snow
{Ziggy}: Milky Way, Charlestown RI
AndiP66: A9901440_s
Mirela Momanu: “ Silence Of Rain “ by Mirela Momanu
BraCom (Bram): Winter, long long time ago
claudiadea131: I love smiling
Marcia H: Boat House Sunrise
FotoEdge: SAM'S PARKING LOT at The Old UNION BUS TERMINAL in Kansas City, Missouri USA
RoxMontana: A bit breezy
trs125: Don't let life break your heart
Roi.C: Clouds
oliviabarkett: Country Girl Diner in Chester, VT
scott branine: It Has Been Awhile
Josef...: Mongolia - China western border
Edd Allen: L U N A R