angeloska: Ritualistic in video
angeloska: Ritualistic
angeloska: Diamantis again this year
angeloska: Warming up the dancing floor
angeloska: A delicious exception!
angeloska: The art of walking through jumping dancers
angeloska: Making salads in the panigiri of Ai Stathis
angeloska: Signpole after Pounta
angeloska: We say the blade, she says the fin
angeloska: A place to take selfies
angeloska: Gazing at the immensity
angeloska: Views to the south coasts and seas
angeloska: Famous hole called «The Nostril»
angeloska: Atlas
angeloska: ATHERAS
angeloska: Ruined sheepfold
angeloska: Found a large spiny prairie
angeloska: Can you get out?
angeloska: Limestone terrain panoramic
angeloska: Two trees in karst rockforms
angeloska: From «Small Pounta» to «Big Pounta»
angeloska: The blade of the ridge is calling but...
angeloska: Climbing sideways on Small Pounta
angeloska: Looking for traces of the old trail across Pounta
angeloska: Group souvenir shot
angeloska: Listeners
angeloska: Group listening to pieces of literature
angeloska: Lunch in the shade
angeloska: On the gallery against the breeze
angeloska: Virgo