Dave Welfare: Perspective
Dave Welfare: Farmer's Field in Autumn
Fossil Light Images: Pic Island..... my take....
M00k: eternal eagles and stuff
Nick and Karen Munroe: NOVEMBER 2020 _5928_NGM_8550-2-222
M00k: living on the wall
ScottinMississauga: Broken Colourbone
Dr. Dektol & Mr. Hypo: Towards the Light
virgil martin: Disappearing line fence
virgil martin: Red barn in a fog
Nick and Karen Munroe: JANUARY 2021 _6569_NGM_9191-1-222
no_talents: oh deer ;-)
Doris Burfind: Open Concept
M00k: Atlas trees
S.R.Murphy: Biscuit Tin
BORGHY52: Scorcio sui sassi
Dave Welfare: Milton
Dave Welfare: Oak Leaves
ScottinMississauga: Early Morning Clarity
caeciliametella: the moon and the trees
caeciliametella: centre for life: yellow
caeciliametella: the oppressiveness of the mundane
M00k: catching the light