ddemarco5: Caught in a spider's web
ddemarco5: Cottage snapshot
ddemarco5: Drone flying along the cottage road
ddemarco5: Drone out over the lake
ddemarco5: Drone point dock
ddemarco5: Orange to red
ddemarco5: Climbing a Cattail leaf
ddemarco5: Tiny toad
ddemarco5: Forest ICM
ddemarco5: Along a country road
ddemarco5: Smooth as glass
ddemarco5: Tiny bubbles
ddemarco5: Running through
ddemarco5: Changing early
ddemarco5: Waiting for Artemis
ddemarco5: Two ways to go fishing
ddemarco5: Sunset reflections
ddemarco5: Into the sunlight
ddemarco5: Choices
ddemarco5: Homemade
ddemarco5: Colour on a camp deck
ddemarco5: Soft landing
ddemarco5: Rainy Days and Mondays
ddemarco5: Round bales of hay
ddemarco5: The skipper
ddemarco5: Tubing fun
ddemarco5: Sunset at the lake
ddemarco5: Afternoon paddle
ddemarco5: From the Darkness to the Light
ddemarco5: Morning cruise