ddemarco5: 4/52 Weeks - Tabletop
ddemarco5: Snowed in
ddemarco5: Afternoon shadows
ddemarco5: Surrounded by friends
ddemarco5: Following the trail
ddemarco5: Tree stump snow cap
ddemarco5: Canopy
ddemarco5: Resting on the newly fallen snow
ddemarco5: Winter snacks
ddemarco5: 3/52 Weeks - Double Exposure
ddemarco5: Closed for the season...
ddemarco5: 2/52 Weeks - Joy
ddemarco5: A dusting of snow
ddemarco5: White Witch
ddemarco5: Winter in the country
ddemarco5: Winter Welcome
ddemarco5: Through the gap
ddemarco5: 1/52 Weeks 2022 - Chapter 1
ddemarco5: Standing room only
ddemarco5: 52/52 Weeks - Four Seasons
ddemarco5: Forest night light
ddemarco5: At the edge of the wetlands
ddemarco5: Best wishes
ddemarco5: Snowy rollercoaster ride
ddemarco5: Wishes
ddemarco5: A snowy walk with the dog
ddemarco5: 51/52Weeks - Season's Greetings
ddemarco5: Thin ice
ddemarco5: 50/52 Weeks - Ceilings
ddemarco5: Closing Time with some colour